XPRESS Fence – Aluminium Install

Fence Installation Guide

1. Determine fence layout

2. Determine how posts are to be installed

3. Determine post positions

For simplicity, calculate post positions from centre of post to centre of post. It is recommended that post centres do not exceed 2500mm. In areas of high wind, consider restricting span widths.
Install tip: For end or corner posts of a run, there will be 25mm extra to take into account for ‘overhang’ of 50mm post. For base plated installs, end or corner posts have an extra 50mm ‘overhang’ with the post and base plate.

4. Determine overall post height required

For overall post heights required, add the extra length below the surface for core drill and concrete footings.
For base plated installations, deduct 10mm from screen height (as base plate is 10mm thick). Install posts.
TIP – Use spirit level to ensure posts are vertically level. Ensure top of posts level and in alignment.

5. Calculate the height to cut initial height setting blocks

NOTE: For uneven ground/deck, cut one setting block only and place at the highest point of the finished floor line. Then, run a level string line to determine heights of remaining setting blocks before cutting to size.
TIP – it is recommended that the bottom gap is no higher than 50mm. Consider lowering or raising overall post height to achieve a starting gap less than 50mm.

6. Cut slats to appropriate length for each post opening

Deduction summary:

  1. For spans between any 1 way post and 2 way post combination, slats are cut 10mm less than the centre to centre of posts.
  2. For spans leading into a 90 degeee post, slats are cut 15mm less than the centre to centre of posts.
  3. For spans between two 90 degree posts, slats are cut 20mm less than the centre to centre of posts.

7. Install first slat in each span. Using spirit level, ensure slats are level.

8. Snap in spacer block above first slat into either side of pocket of post. Repeat for all slats. 

9. Top slat finishes 5mm below the top of the post. Screw slat locking clip into top slat.

10. Install 3mm thick top plate. Use rubber mallet to tap into position.

11. Install note:

For spans over 2000mm (or in high wind areas under 2000mm wide) it is recommended to have a
centre support rail. Place centre support rail against slats and screw off at each slat using XPRESS Fence Screws.
Snap on fixing cover to hide screws.

XPRESS Fence – Aluminium Install Video for Slats

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